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Aggressive kissing. Making out hardcore with short periods of breathing time.
Who Beatrice and Gerard?...Those two were sucking face all night!
by Stevie Y December 10, 2004
Kissing with a whole bunch of tongue and slobber. Not usually a good thing to do in a public pool.
Kid at pool 1: What are they doing?
Kid at pool 2: THEY'RE SUCKING FACE!

Face Suckers:Fuck Off!

Kid at pool 3: *splashes face suckers* GET A ROOM!

Face Suckers: *swim off annoyed*
by Captain Pete June 08, 2004
when you're making out with somebody so hard that your literally sucking their face.

guy 1: ew. they're sucking face.
guy 2: yeah, they must really like eachother.
guy 1: no way. its just really fun.
guy 3: yeah. sucking face rocks fucking shit man!!
by xoxotheraxoxo July 20, 2008
when two people kiss but in front of everyone making me laugh and you to.
Sucking face when a guy sucks a girls face lol, joey
by ninjastar9 June 08, 2010
When two people make out so hard that one of the two usually ends up with teeth marks around the outer rim of there lips. May be accompanied by blood or sweat from the partner.
1. Adria and Manu were sucking face so hard on the cruise last night, she woke up to find she had blood all around her mouth.
by Dj Vanish November 18, 2010
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