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The perfect girl to have as a friend. She's lovely in all sorts of way, and she's that happy, go lucky friend. She goes on with life at the toughest moments and has no sins to speak of. Usually. Most likely she will be the attractive kind, and guys would love to have her in their arms. Adria, a perfection.
"Hey dude, I dumped her"
"Did she cry a lot?"

"Wow, she's such a Adria! I want her!"
by Yah_Boo May 07, 2010
An attractive woman who lures a man into marriage with great sex only to take it away or use it as a weapon once the knot is tied, using everyone and everything else around her as reasons not to undergo sexual activity.
I thought we would have the same great sex that we did before we got married but she pulled an Adria on me.

She used to love to make love to me. We got married and now I have an Adria.
by Scotty from Texas February 04, 2010

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