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A person who was tricked. Someone who is gullible to the world and his surroundings. Usually attached to someone because they fell for something idiotic.
At work there is a ghetto person named Tolerba who we designate the mayor of SuckaVille because he is the ultimate sucka.
by Saechao May 30, 2008
33 78
easily entertaining, baffling and is usually a douchebag: stupid
When a guy spends too much money on a girl, usually not asked for.

Those guys were straight up suckas!!
by Ms. B Have August 18, 2010
5 51
One who has taken all the nice words/nice things a significant other has said or done, and as a result, has developed feelings for that significant other.
Falling is for SUCKAS!

Girl #2: He's just the greatest guy ever! He took me out to dinner and told me how cute he thinks I am. I think I'm in love!
Girl #2: Ugh you're such a sucka...
by Spartaniaaaa August 23, 2009
15 61
A nigga that is sprung on his girl, but aint gettin' none, chooses his girl ova his homies
That nigga joe is a sucka for is girl
by trix April 21, 2005
37 84
something rudy brito said to the band teacher after being told to "shut up"
the band teacher=Shut up before i send you outta here, thats your second strike
rudy= It was the first time sucka!
by thebestguyonearth December 28, 2003
5 52
someone hatin' cuz they bitch on deez nutz
haha look at that sucka kissin them lips deez was on a minute ago
by snoopid December 11, 2003
8 55
a name given to anyone when trying to flee from a scene, not black , gansta orgin, more white, suburbia orgin, somthing to call your friends
See yah later Sucka!!! Whats up Sucka??
by natalie July 15, 2003
6 53