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A foolish person who needs to accept his/her comeuppance for their wack behavior.
Yo, B, you need to chill wit' that, you actin' like a sucka duck and need to accept yo' comeuppance!
by Kwirk April 23, 2004
Verb: Exclamation of angst, dismay, and/or frustration. Does NOT involve actual poultry.
"Mom! James just flushed your keys down the toliet!"

by Loralee's Looney Tunes October 10, 2007
something that is just plain stupid
The fact that OS X has copy and paste, but not cut, really sucks a duck
by Bungalow Bill October 06, 2001
you say it to someone to tell them to go suck a ducks ass
why dont you go suck a duck
by aceb32 April 11, 2010
One who is meant to "count the shells".
"Count the shells, suckaduck"
by Makkz kwiN May 13, 2003
When a male is very attached to his girlfriend and puts her above all other activities/people in his life. (friends,basketball,chilling, etc...) There is nothing wrong with being a suckaduck yourself but most non suckaduck friends will become very envious and jealous of your girlfriend.
Most groups of friends have suckaducks.
"Man Dirk dont ever hang with us no more...he a suckaduck."

"Has he been on the phone for 4 hours? yeah he a suckaduck ass nigga"

"Who you talking to? My girlfriend. Man you a suckaduck."
by TwizzleDirkTykese July 27, 2011
One who can't help but always lose in beer pong to David.
Man Brandon is such a sucka duck I can't believe I've beaten him 1000 straight times in beer pong
by Diggity Dave February 12, 2010