an insult to manhood. MALE employees are forced to make sandwiches for FEMALE customers for fucking minimum wage. whats more, the female gets to tell the man how she wants the damn sandwich. WHAT THE FUCK!
bitch, i aint workin at subway. a man is supposed to be the one tellin his hoes to make his sammiches.
Sickass food chain that hangovers rely on. Most have free refils, hence kids sitting in there for hours sipping coke and eating cookies. FTW!

Subway. Eat fresh.
a) you are what you eat, so eat fresh!
b) mmm subway
by crosswords November 02, 2008
A Place that gives me mad diarrhea cramps, and even more lethal diarrhea waterfalls.
I just had subway. And now I have liquified shit shooting from my ass.
by mogleythemonkeyman April 20, 2010
A lousy train that stops suddenly and get crowded more than a sardine can.
I take the subway every day and it sucks.
by Jack May 28, 2003
A good place to eat.
A shaved pussy.hence eating fresh
Tony: hey what you doin after school
Jon: Goin over to subway, new deal just came out
Tony: are you sure she's subway
Jon:yea im pretty sure she's kosher
by Ex1022 March 24, 2011
Its the only orgasm you can have where its OK to be yeasty
Dan: You should try this BMT, its like an orgasm in a sandwich.
Luke: You keep your subway, Ill stick to raping kids.
by Mr_Munter July 10, 2008
The only fast food place in the known universe where the lids don't fit the cups correctly.

They make up for it by making some badass cookies.
Guy 1: Dude! What happened?!

Guy 2: I went to grab my drink from the top and the cup fell to the fucking ground, unleashing the flood gates of the Panama Canal onto my new shoes. At least I got a free Subway cookie out of it.
by ronronson March 12, 2013
a fast food restuarant that claims its food is fresh but really everything is precooked and frozen like in any other resturant. Also claims its healthy to eat there but in all actuality even the honey mustard is fatting .Also a very horrible place to work at.
Hey how do you like your job.
I dont i work at subway
by fapper20 May 20, 2009

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