a fast food restuarant that claims its food is fresh but really everything is precooked and frozen like in any other resturant. Also claims its healthy to eat there but in all actuality even the honey mustard is fatting .Also a very horrible place to work at.
Hey how do you like your job.
I dont i work at subway
by fapper20 May 20, 2009
Another word for a blowjob, especially when there is lots of 'mayonnaise' and 'meat'. Only say with an emphasis, not to confuse it with the sandwich.
He had his first 'subway' yesterday.
by alexh9md March 19, 2015
To eat a girl's fresh. Synonym for eating pussy.
Paul: yo dude i was subwaying this girl and she came all over my face...
Giddy: Sweet!
by Pablo Paco Taco February 14, 2011
Your excuse for doing anything remotly
1."Uh, Jake? Why are you walking around with no pants and your shirt tucked into your whities tighties?"
"It's ok! I had Subway!"

2. "Pete! Why are you humping th dog!"
"It's ok, I had Subway!"
by Brilliant! January 22, 2004
When standing in line at a fast food restaurant (such as Subway or McDonald's) behind an older man or older woman, the customer in line will lean forward towards the older person's hair and "bite" at him or her but without actually touching the person they are "biting" at. Often used as a prank for entertainment while waiting in long lines.
I was standing behind this 90-year-old lady today, and I got bored so I Subway-d her. It was hilarious.
by Jimmy Grrrrrrrrrrrrowl September 29, 2010
Term for lesbians referring to sexual acts they engage in.

Yeah, she's a subway cause she eats fresh!
by Nikki Noel March 19, 2008
An evil, evil place that sells tasteless sandwiches made from cheap, stale ingredients shipped over from third-world countries, and markets them as "fresh" and "healthy" (despite the fact that most of the sandwiches they serve, for example, meatball subs; have as much calories and fat as a cheeseburger from McDonalds). They overcharge for their food, and like McDonalds, are intent on World Domination. Also have really badly made television commercials featuring an irritating guy called Jared Fogle who used to be extremely fat but is now just extremely ugly and annoying.
If I had to work at Subway, I would kill myself.
You paid 8 bucks for stale bread roll with slimy ham?
Dude, is that a caterpillar in your lettuce?
by Nathan___ May 10, 2007

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