The other entries for Suboxone don't really go into recreational use, so I'll shed some light on it as a recreational Suboxone user of two years.

The pills (and god forsaken sublingual strips) contain 8mg of buprenorphine. A typical (insuflated) recreational dose for someone who doesn't otherwise use opiates is 2 milligrams, simply referred to as "a quarter", because it's a quarter of the pill/strip. First time users should begin with 1mg, or "an eighth".

Suboxone doesn't need to be insuflated, although it is most common among recreational users. Taking it orally/sublingually, as medically intended, does not yield great results as the bioavailibility with these routes of administration are very low.

Shooting it yields the best results. Despite people saying that Naloxone (present in Suboxone) prevents people from administering it intravenously, it works best. Only an eighth is needed to get high, even for fairly tolerant users, and effects are felt in as little as ten minutes.

Always begin with an eighth of a sub when trying it for the first time, and take Dramamine or Benadryl with it, as the high is unusually long and can cause nausea.

Always use sterile rigs when shooting up, and don't share.
"Man, Bryce wouldn't sell me the quarter when I was dry and he just bough seven subs! What a fiend."

"I'd better not drink too much tonight, I just hit the sub."

"Bummer, Andrew's parents cut off his Suboxone prescription."
by LouieLouieLouie August 25, 2011
I nicknamed it yellow pledge... It is exactly what it tastes like. it can be snorted and works as well as putting it under your tongue but trust me, within days of snorting it you will get sensitive to it's bittersweet taste after puking and prefer to put it under your tongue. Take caution when putting it under your tongue. To make sure you get its entire worth, try not to move your tongue around or even talk for that matter and use as least spit as possible. For a full 8 milligram to desolve, if done correctly, will take about an hour....
I hate talk like it's the cure for opiate dependency, it is simply another vice, another soul attaching addiction consumed drug. If you are prescribed and truely use the drug, do not tell anyone you may think would want it when your are going threw a two week independent phase where you only need a small piece to perform daily. I say this for suboxone is addicting and you will be short on your script when the doctor wants to take a look at it.
"lemon pledge makes me gag"

"I'm so sick I wouldn't care if you gave me a suboxone"
by foxxxxxx June 08, 2009
A medication recently introduced onto the addiction resource market for use against opiate/opioid, alcohol, and/or tobacco use.
Suboxone has, by far, been the most effective resource I've had in defeating my alcohol, and heroin use.
by Dan Ruggs August 03, 2009
suboxone, as most say is a drug prescribed to help withdrawl off herion, but ive come to find out thatif you are no longer doing herion, (several months or more clean) suboxone can be used to continue getting high with out the addictiveness of herion. i recomend not taking more than 2 mg for the first time or you will be puking as you would doing dope the first few times. but suboxone gives you the same affect....warm sensation in your body, nodding out, pinned pupils, and slightly as herion would do. so if you are still into gettin messed up but can no longer or no longer want to do herion, i suggest suboxone...which aslo will not come up in a drug test!
i can't do herion anymore so i pop a suboxone every once in a while
by pill head 4 life February 04, 2010
Suboxone is a drug prescribed to help people who want to quit shooting up heroin, or the babies who are afraid of needles and snort it, or the really big fat babies who get addicted to pills.

Suboxone can only be prescribed by DEA-certified doctors who are not allowed to treat more than 100 patients at any one time. Congress created the Suboxone program as an experiment and alternative to extant treatments for opiate addicts. Suboxone is not a drug which one should take experimentally.

Those who claim they get high from Suboxone are fooling themselves. The "real deal" is that these people so desperately want to be seen getting high so as to impress their friends that they imagine they're high so they can tell everyone they're high.

I've taken 8 mg of Suboxone daily for 2½ years after a heroin addiction I was fortunate to survive. Suboxone has never gotten me high. It does not get anyone high.

Not that I recommend it, but try shooting up actual heroin sometime and you'll very quickly realize that Suboxone does not get you high. Any high you experience from Suboxone is imaginary. Get real, people.

To summarize for those who still don't get it -- Suboxone does not get you high. It is not "cool" to acquire it because the more it's found on the street, the less likely it is that Congress will extend the suboxone program, and the more likely it is that real addicts will not get the treatment they need. If you're that selfish then you should probably look into getting a life.
A one-month supply of prescription Suboxone costs $300.
by DopeAddict June 04, 2010
Buprenorphine. Orange pill that you stick under your tongue. Helps stop withdrawal symptoms of opiates. It works by tricking your brain into thinking it has an opiate, by putting opioid receptors back into your brain. DO NOT CRUSH OR TRY TO SHOOT THESE UP, or you'll go into immediate withdrawal.
"(persons name)went to the doctor to get suboxone."
"Can you get any suboxone?"
by L0VE December 03, 2005

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