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Suboxone is a drug prescribed to help people who want to quit shooting up heroin, or the babies who are afraid of needles and snort it, or the really big fat babies who get addicted to pills.

Suboxone can only be prescribed by DEA-certified doctors who are not allowed to treat more than 100 patients at any one time. Congress created the Suboxone program as an experiment and alternative to extant treatments for opiate addicts. Suboxone is not a drug which one should take experimentally.

Those who claim they get high from Suboxone are fooling themselves. The "real deal" is that these people so desperately want to be seen getting high so as to impress their friends that they imagine they're high so they can tell everyone they're high.

I've taken 8 mg of Suboxone daily for 2½ years after a heroin addiction I was fortunate to survive. Suboxone has never gotten me high. It does not get anyone high.

Not that I recommend it, but try shooting up actual heroin sometime and you'll very quickly realize that Suboxone does not get you high. Any high you experience from Suboxone is imaginary. Get real, people.

To summarize for those who still don't get it -- Suboxone does not get you high. It is not "cool" to acquire it because the more it's found on the street, the less likely it is that Congress will extend the suboxone program, and the more likely it is that real addicts will not get the treatment they need. If you're that selfish then you should probably look into getting a life.
A one-month supply of prescription Suboxone costs $300.
by DopeAddict June 04, 2010

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