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I nicknamed it yellow pledge... It is exactly what it tastes like. it can be snorted and works as well as putting it under your tongue but trust me, within days of snorting it you will get sensitive to it's bittersweet taste after puking and prefer to put it under your tongue. Take caution when putting it under your tongue. To make sure you get its entire worth, try not to move your tongue around or even talk for that matter and use as least spit as possible. For a full 8 milligram to desolve, if done correctly, will take about an hour....
I hate talk like it's the cure for opiate dependency, it is simply another vice, another soul attaching addiction consumed drug. If you are prescribed and truely use the drug, do not tell anyone you may think would want it when your are going threw a two week independent phase where you only need a small piece to perform daily. I say this for suboxone is addicting and you will be short on your script when the doctor wants to take a look at it.
"lemon pledge makes me gag"

"I'm so sick I wouldn't care if you gave me a suboxone"
by foxxxxxx June 08, 2009

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