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Someone who is so socially, academically and full-on physically retarded that they cannot even begin to actually understand how anything functions, even their own spastic mind.
I seem to have tied my shoelaces together, set fire to my hair and also pissed all over my pants in one subic movement. I really am an absolute sube.
by Subername May 05, 2013
Short for Subaru, the most awesome car ever. Considerably less lame than other car nicknames such as "caddy" or "jag," possibly because it rhymes with "dude."
*ring ring*
Guy: Where are you, dude?
Other Guy: Cruisin' in my sube.
Guy: Dude!
by wordshark May 20, 2008
Some guy in Toronto of Vietnamese descent.
Suvay is a Sube
by PhD Prof. February 01, 2009
a piece of crap car that cant be judged by its looks. It may look rusty but it is really fast for its engine. It will kill any oldsmobile or ford probe that trys to race it
you dont want drama with the sube
by paul March 23, 2005

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