Sheer unadulterated banter. this is a term used to describe fun or drunken times shared between friends
'there was some whopper sub last night!'
by Davey3523453242342342342343 February 20, 2008
A "Super Unhuman Boner"

I was walking down the street and seen this hot girl and got a SUB
by Alex Hanley May 16, 2007
a coward, without courage
she was too sub to say anything
by therealsutty August 26, 2009
Stuck Up Bitch
I saw a blonde bimbo with her boyfriend at a tourist attraction in San Fran. The SUB walked by me like she was better than me.
by Charles U. Farley Sr. August 10, 2009
Large subway bun with lettuce, two meat balls at one end and mayo at the tip. resembles a penis.
Brodie -''Oh man, nice sub you got there''
James - '' Yeah it gets really heavy sometimes''
by JamesMosiondz May 27, 2008
If you would prefer to add a submarine sandwich then have sex with someone, they are a "sub". Slanderous term as you are insinuating that they are undesirable in comparison to eating food...

Conversely if you would rather have sex with them then they are a Way.

From the drunk persons game "Sub or Way" to describe how to judge people's appearence without them knowing what you really mean...
For Example : "Eww, look at that Sub!" or for the extremes "Sub of the Day!"
by Mr Wei November 28, 2006
supremely ugly being
hey check out that sub at three o clock!

OMG can you believe that SUB scored a HBG for a husband!
by cheetah gr33to February 21, 2009

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