Large subway bun with lettuce, two meat balls at one end and mayo at the tip. resembles a penis.
Brodie -''Oh man, nice sub you got there''
James - '' Yeah it gets really heavy sometimes''
by JamesMosiondz May 27, 2008
If you would prefer to add a submarine sandwich then have sex with someone, they are a "sub". Slanderous term as you are insinuating that they are undesirable in comparison to eating food...

Conversely if you would rather have sex with them then they are a Way.

From the drunk persons game "Sub or Way" to describe how to judge people's appearence without them knowing what you really mean...
For Example : "Eww, look at that Sub!" or for the extremes "Sub of the Day!"
by Mr Wei November 28, 2006
Abbreviated version of "subwoofers". Often installed in the vehicles of alpha males, yuppies, date-rape predators, and future hearing aid users.
"all this bass from these subs will hide my small dick."
by cyanide_nights April 23, 2010
sub= substandard, sub-par. Anything that is generally sketchy or shady.
Damn, you live in the hella sub part of da city.
Them dudes from the block be hella sub.
by Tha Bizz December 09, 2004
a submarine that is on fire in the inside and a lesbian who is in heat! secondly the obscene owner of a simple minded IRC network
sub: im in need of a woman who has nice boobs!
sub the submissive bondage fanatic
by Liger Zero Jager April 27, 2008
stuck up bitch
i know why i quit talking to you now, because you seem to be a sub 'stuck up bitch'

by memem July 10, 2008
Someone you throw paper airplanes at, perform as a Tourette's child for, compliment on her dress and say you have one just like it (if you are male), and generally confuse and irritate. The ultimate goal is to either make the substitute break down laughing or reveal his/her shocking brain-dead-ness by convincing him/her that you really do talk like that.
"Wow, that sub we had in history was wearing a belt and suspenders."

"I sorry my acc-SCHENT. I haff P H D."
by iglaurah October 07, 2005

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