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A phrase to refer to the erection of a penis which i commonly used in parts of the UK.
Wow!, Carl sure has a big Sturdy, I'm suprised he's single
by James Marlow-Smith July 05, 2007
synonym for "steady" or "constantly".
"You sturdy telling your girl, 'man, I could've been in it,' but you's a punk nigga, niggas don't fuck with ya, nigga."
-3 6 Mafia
by Your mom December 23, 2004
referencing a woman that is thick in size but still hot. The size is usually due to being very thick muscled rather than fat.
Guy1: Wow did you see Ashley at the wrestling meet last night?
Guy2: No was she looking good?

Guy1: Hell yea! You know thats one sturdy babe.
by totalstud May 05, 2009
adj. 1. of a woman, being very physically stable 2. broad of shoulders 3. being able to kick your ass.
That sturdy woman got some BACK.
by KertDawg June 09, 2005
A Small,feisty ginger bloke, bit cheeky and tends to bite when provoked.
Mate, that little Sturdy should sort his life out!
by Edward Calcutt November 11, 2003