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Stupey -Stoo-pee- (Adj.)Cute way of discribing someone who is unintellegent or acting so. Used in innocent jest of someone by young females or couples. Often associated with schoolyard mockery and exateration.

See also Stupe -Stoop- (N.)A person who acts stupey.
+"You are so stupey!"
-"No, you're stupey!"
+"Tee Hee!"
-"Ha Ha!"
by Blarneyboy November 23, 2006
9 3

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used when describing someone who is really dumb.
"Goddamit he put on his trousers backwards - he is so stupey!"
by HgR October 27, 2004
9 6
The cross between Stupid and Dopey.

You pronounce it like "stoopy".
I feel really Stupey today.
by Cutief January 08, 2012
3 1