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A spell in the Harry Potter series of books, used to stun your opponent in a duel. This is a common spell that Harry Potter uses, especially when fighting 'You Know Who's' death eaters in the 5th 6th and 7th Potter books.
Hermione: Hey Harry, how did you deal with all those death eaters near Hagrid's cabin the other night?
Harry: I used the 'stupefy' incantation to stun them and I hid them in the Forbidden Forest while they were still unconcious.
by Dan!i!i!i!i! October 27, 2008
A term used in moments of hilarity, complete randomness, or hyperness. You point weirdly at your friends, acquaintances, teachers or complete strangers and say 'Stupefy!' in a silly voice, thus causing much laughter.
*Person walks along the street past you and your friends*

You (once they are mostly out of earshot): Stupefy!
by ezeebee October 06, 2008

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