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An expression used when something is not done properly.

Originally derived from a small child eating a panini sideways (as opposed to starting at the end), and being told that it was not, in fact, the correct way to eat it.
*Person does something wrong / sings out of tune / {insert strange action of your choice}*

You: Now that's NOT the way you eat a panini.
by ezeebee October 06, 2008
A term used in moments of hilarity, complete randomness, or hyperness. You point weirdly at your friends, acquaintances, teachers or complete strangers and say 'Stupefy!' in a silly voice, thus causing much laughter.
*Person walks along the street past you and your friends*

You (once they are mostly out of earshot): Stupefy!
by ezeebee October 06, 2008
A word used to describe anything, from global economis to that-thing-that-hangs-down-the-back-of-your-throat, that you have utterly (but hopefully only temporarily) forgotten the word for.

Can also be used with 'wotsit'.
Person A: You know that majiggy?

Person B: Majiggy?

Person A: You know, that wotsitmajiggy, the one on the table.

Person B: *blank look*
by ezeebee February 15, 2009
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