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When a guy and girl snuggle with only pants on; shirtless snuggling
having no shirts on, they proceeded to stuggle on the couch
by AKGD September 01, 2011
11 3
Meaning something bad.
"Today was so stuggle."


"That's stuggle."

or just

by Ally P March 15, 2008
5 3
when a boyfriend and a girlfriend get together to study and end up snuggling instead.
Guy: Let's studdy.
Girl: Why, we'll just stuggle.
by shitfarm November 30, 2007
5 7
verb; the inability to know an outcome; lack of clarity; uncertainty;
In a fit of rage, Janet's stuggle led her to mass murder.
by SkipMc August 18, 2006
6 13