Somebody attending college or university. Students are in general fond of alcohol, marijuana, and sex, though that is definitely not all they think about.

Students come in three varieties: arts, corporate, and useful.

Arts students 'study' arts subjects. Note that they do not study art with the intention of creating it; rather, it is with the aim of appreciating it. With the odd exception like journalism (which is actually a pretty useful degree through which one can find meaningful employment) arts students give students in general a bad name. An arts degree is ridiculously easy to get (really, it is), so arts students do not have to do any form of study, or even attend lectures at all. Thus, they go around boozing, fucking, and bringing down the good name of serious students. They usually come from middle class backgrounds, and are merely attending university for the fun, as they will be able to secure a great job before they even get their degree due to mommy's connections.

The corporate student studies in areas such as law, commerce, and accountancy. They have a slightly greater need to attend lectures, but not so much as useful students. They keep the world economy running smoothly, and their degrees actually require some work and intelligence to obtain. They often come from a poor background, and wish to break free from a vicious cycle.

The useful student studies in an area such as science, engineering, or medicine. Degrees in these areas require quite a bit of work; as an added bonus, student must attend labs as well as lectures. In many cases, these students are motivated to make the world a better place, or to help others in a meaningful way. If not, then they simply wish to exercise their brains to the fullest.

After obtaining a degree, a student may opt to become a post-graduate, wherein they do some independant research under the supervision of a proffessor. Few students reach this stage, but those who do are often responsible for important new discoveries.
I am a student, studying microbiology, biochemistry, and immunotechnology because I want to find the cure for AIDS. Don't hate me because I attend college.
by Darth Ridley November 04, 2006
n. 1. One who pretends to study but either fails to complete assignments or fails turn the assignments in. 2. A lazy person who blames others for his or her "stolen" work. 3. A person who expects grades to be given to him or her because he or she cannot fail since he or she is an athlete. 4. A person who fails scholastically due to not turning in work and who's parent(s) enable his or her lack of work ethic by creating excuses for him or her. 5. (obsolete) A person who turns in each assignment and succeeds scholastically due to hard work, conscientiousness, and parents who have high expectations.
That kid is so lazy that it's obvious he's a student.

Her parents find an excuse for her to do what ever she wants because she is a student.

If he wasn't such a student, he wouldn't be such a failure.

She is a good student, and I mean that in the obsolete sense of the word.
by TamiLynn April 04, 2011
Noun: One who knows nothing about anything as opposed to an academic who knows everything about nothing
Student: I don't know shit and to do this I spend £1000s a year.
Academic: I can tell you everything about a topic that only three people in the world actually care about.
by Its belfast mate! November 22, 2012
People who always protest things. Students are usually involved in liberal protests. Students and protesting go hand in hand.
Students protest anti-immigrant bill.
by stghm May 26, 2006
a slacker who cant be fucked going to classes regularly nor getting a full time job
A: "Shouldn't you be at work?"
B: "No, I'm a student."
A: "Shouldn't you be at school then?"
B: "I don't think you heard me, I'm a student."
by sunnnny March 24, 2004
A synonym for the word slave
I don't need an example, just click the link in the definition
by NOBODYATALL May 06, 2005
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