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Guy that gets the ladies easy, is always fishin' and....likes a muffin every now and then.
''Man, what a stud muffin that guy is''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
a word derived for a man who is in part percieved by females as a stud and with such a word as muffin added meaning that females also want to devour such a man as muffin would be from an oven
oh homegirls he's such a studmuffin i'd just love to be with him and enjoy the pleasures of a studmuffin like him
by petewoo June 05, 2005
A rather attractive human of the male variety. Can be described as being 'good enough to eat'.
mmmm.... I can smell freshly baked studmuffin.

I had the best studmuffin last night.
by Becmond November 14, 2005
A guy or girl who is beautiful and sexy to the opposite sex. A stud muffin is usually extremely cute and cuddly, and is a lover not a fighter.
check him out! cole is such a stud muffin! i mean, he's SO smooth!
by why does everyone have my name? November 16, 2007
a really hot person of the (heterosexual) male population
Jay's a real studmuffin- he's always got some girl drooling over him.
by helenrose919 January 26, 2004
a man who is irresistible to the opposite sex
also see spiffy
mason is such a stud muffin, all the ladies are attracted to him
by Chris Jestus March 05, 2008
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