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An extremely adorable guy, who doesn't realize how adorable he really is.

He is very compatible with a Love Muffin
Im a Love Muffin looking for my Stud Muffin

Mr and Mrs Muffin!!!!

Love Muffin
by LoveMuffin86 February 28, 2010
Its a couple that just doesn't look right together. hahaha
person 1: did u see them over there?? she is sooo tall and he is sooo short.
person 2: yeah its like a Kip and LaFonda Couple. they dont really go together.
by LoveMuffin86 September 26, 2010
When something is ridiculous or silly.
Dude: I gotta work late tonight man.
Dude 2: Thats just RID-ILLY!!!!
by LoveMuffin86 May 01, 2011
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