A man with very big useful bollocks.
Ooooh, you stud!
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
someone who is the man and gets all the chicks and is good at everything and you have to chuck the duce all the time
adam is such a stud why does he look so good and why does he have over a dozen chicks by him. look he's signin autographs sweet i'm going to get one
by chuck the duce May 13, 2005
A female/lesbian who dresses in male style clothes or baggy/long clothing.
Kim is a stud because most strangers think she is a guy, because she dresses like one.
by Vals.Ko May 26, 2009
in Medical Centre parlance:

"Medical Students"
It was High Noon on the Third Thursday in March ("Match Day") and the Studs were completely wasted with anticipation of where they would become "Piggys"
by Bob "A" August 08, 2005
Spearing Twats Until Death
That kid Wayner is nothing less than 100% pure S.T.U.D.!
by Rainbow Yarmulke March 27, 2007
A male porn star, or man capable of being a porn star.
A man who turns luck into erotic payouts
A man who can achieve where other men feel shame.
A male who can rub anyone up the right way.
A favorable nickname for a "butch" lesbian.(rarely used.)
You did it in an elevator with a stranger?- WHOAH STUD!
by Beamerlicious September 10, 2010
A lesbian who takes a more dominant role in the relationship but can be attracted to femmes or other studs.
I like that studs swagger. Its masculine yet feminine at the same time.
by BlackChinaDoll March 03, 2009

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