A lesbian who takes a more dominant role in the relationship but can be attracted to femmes or other studs.
I like that studs swagger. Its masculine yet feminine at the same time.
by BlackChinaDoll March 03, 2009
Spearing Twats Until Death
That kid Wayner is nothing less than 100% pure S.T.U.D.!
by Rainbow Yarmulke March 27, 2007
A male porn star, or man capable of being a porn star.
A man who turns luck into erotic payouts
A man who can achieve where other men feel shame.
A male who can rub anyone up the right way.
A favorable nickname for a "butch" lesbian.(rarely used.)
You did it in an elevator with a stranger?- WHOAH STUD!
by Beamerlicious September 10, 2010
a sexually-promiscuous male person; a wolf; a tomcat
The handsome stud often cruised chicks in his Corvette and readilly scored goddesses!!
by Jon64Bailey January 14, 2009
someone who exemplifies studliness and is just a plain stud
Wow, Nuria is just such a stud.
by theultimatestud April 13, 2011
Someone who can do anything. Another word for hoss.
Hamm is a stud! .
by Cyr October 23, 2005
to use with the purpose of breeding; to have sex with
Dude, she's hot. I'd totally stud her.
by Carmen August 21, 2003

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