A white dude who has the "magic" to get any chick he wants.
"Dude, check out that dude. See all them girls around him? That dude's a pimp." "Nah, dude. That dude's white. He's a stud."
by footballstud580 April 03, 2004
(verb) The act of missing a goal or score in a sporting event on TV because one was out of the room.
Fuck! Man U scored while I was taking a shit! I got stu'd!
by knibbhigh September 12, 2011
someone who is the man and gets all the chicks and is good at everything and you have to chuck the duce all the time
adam is such a stud why does he look so good and why does he have over a dozen chicks by him. look he's signin autographs sweet i'm going to get one
by chuck the duce May 13, 2005
Non STI bumps or "studs" on a mans dick. they are actually inflamed sebaceous glands, that even though they look like they could be something, are not.

Most people agree that these make sex more enjoyable.
He was great last night, he even had studs!
by ChristianSoldier99 June 14, 2009
slang for when someone is very attractive
Julian is the biggest stud there is!
by cvgx December 03, 2015
A male slut.
Studs: All of them in their wet dreams.
by Mashaa January 25, 2016
A butch lesbian who looks either like a gay boy or a metrosexual man with boobs. Like Shane from the L Word or Ruby Rose.
"Damn that boy is hot! Oh shit! He's got boobs! Must be a Stud."
via giphy
by Lezbadoodle July 06, 2016
1. a very masculine (and generally young) male person: a guy who is very strong, handsome, buff and/or atheletic: a handsome young jock
2. a boy or young man, not necessarily atheletic, who is quite academic in school: a very studious young fellow (altered after 'studious')
The football star was a total stud and got all the nice young ladies after the game. The stud always got A's in math.

NOTE: conventionally, this term only applied to males when it became in vogue in the 1970's among American youth culture. It never really should be applied to females.
by Jon64Bailey January 06, 2009
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