A male who can usually be in shops that are seen as feminine
Ryan: Wheres Stuart?
Jordan: check New Look hes normally in there
Ryan: *Sigh*
by chelesa0 July 06, 2009
The keeper of the biggest chin in the entire universe, also known as a Snowcone
Have you seen Stuart?
Yes, his head looks like a snowcone!
by Superflydog August 21, 2009
i A admirer of women who all but he can see are short, ugly and Northern.
ii A lady who would be admire by such a gentleman.
iii The art of being completely blind to what your friends are saying and admiring the ugly girl anyway.
i Tom "Oh my god it looks like that girl has been hit repeated around the face with a large metal bar while being trampled on my a marching band"
Dick "Wow, yeah she is rather fit isn't she!"
Harry "You're such a Stuart!"
ii A personal ad "I'm 4 ft 5 girl from Sunderland with a slight facial deformity"
Dave "She sounds like a real Stuart
iii Chris "Mate you've got to open your eye's she's ugly as sin!"
George "What are you talking about, she's gorgeous!"
Dave "You are acting like such a Stuart!"
by Andrew Charles Lloyd May 19, 2008
A midle aged man that akwardly hangs out with his children in obscure ways. A Stuart usualy is eaisily entertained and commonly has nothing else to do.
"my dad is such a stuart he coached my soccer game!"

"that kids dad is such a stuart."
by nerpy October 29, 2007
1. short
2. over sensitive
3. hairless
4. video game addict
5. always says wat up

6. spells bored as board
7. likes strange music
lisa: wow someone just texted me

nicole: what did they say?
lisa: he said he's listening to you belong with me.

nicole: wow such a stuart move.
by alleyesonhalladay July 26, 2009
A dirty cock goblin, that loves having sexual relations with very close family members.
There once was a dirty kid that was a stuart.
by billy ricky james January 20, 2010
Someone Who Particularly Likes To Have Sex With Extremely Fat Ladies
A: Lets Play Nail The Whale For free...
B:Omg dude Your such a Stuart!!!
by Big Gay Cal September 05, 2008

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