A teenager who loves fucking his dad, and makes love to him in multiple ways every night.
Stuart was with Larry last night
Stupid Stuart to Aberdeen Hall!
by Rapeboy6969 October 31, 2013
A male who can usually be in shops that are seen as feminine
Ryan: Wheres Stuart?
Jordan: check New Look hes normally in there
Ryan: *Sigh*
by chelesa0 July 06, 2009
The keeper of the biggest chin in the entire universe, also known as a Snowcone
Have you seen Stuart?
Yes, his head looks like a snowcone!
by Superflydog August 21, 2009
i A admirer of women who all but he can see are short, ugly and Northern.
ii A lady who would be admire by such a gentleman.
iii The art of being completely blind to what your friends are saying and admiring the ugly girl anyway.
i Tom "Oh my god it looks like that girl has been hit repeated around the face with a large metal bar while being trampled on my a marching band"
Dick "Wow, yeah she is rather fit isn't she!"
Harry "You're such a Stuart!"
ii A personal ad "I'm 4 ft 5 girl from Sunderland with a slight facial deformity"
Dave "She sounds like a real Stuart
iii Chris "Mate you've got to open your eye's she's ugly as sin!"
George "What are you talking about, she's gorgeous!"
Dave "You are acting like such a Stuart!"
by Andrew Charles Lloyd May 19, 2008
A midle aged man that akwardly hangs out with his children in obscure ways. A Stuart usualy is eaisily entertained and commonly has nothing else to do.
"my dad is such a stuart he coached my soccer game!"

"that kids dad is such a stuart."
by nerpy October 29, 2007
-A tall, skinny white boy, usually really annoying and over-sensitive.
-No one likes him but he tries to hangout with them anyways.
-Tall dangly skinny white boy with a 3 inch pee-pee.
-Usually friends with a very white-black person.
-His girlfriends get tired of him, but
stick around so as not to hurt his feelings.
-usually depressed, and dresses skater
girl #1-"Omg stuart is so hot!"

girl #2-"Thats what I thought until he pushed his hair back
and you could actually see his face"


Stuart- "dude, some chick wants to fuck me!"

Girl #2-"hahahahahahahaha ha!!!"
by you wish you got in my pants June 18, 2008
Someone Who Particularly Likes To Have Sex With Extremely Fat Ladies
A: Lets Play Nail The Whale For free...
B:Omg dude Your such a Stuart!!!
by Big Gay Cal September 05, 2008

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