A more "polite" or socially acceptable way of saying rape.
"I didn't rape her, a struggle snuggle went down"

"rape's a dirty word, it's called a struggle snuggle. "
by BuddBuddy August 24, 2012
Top Definition
Another word for rape. Makes it seem less of a crime.
Your honor, I did not rape her, it was more of a struggle snuggle.
by jiggggggga February 03, 2009
You are being or have been raped or someone attempted to rape you. Also it could just mean you have been touched in a way you dont like.
That wasn't a hug it was a struggle snuggle
by EVILRage36 May 28, 2015
When you snuggle with somebody while they're thrashing to get free. Usually the person trying to get free is kidnapped or involuntarily there.
I got into a struggle snuggle when i kidnapped the girl i liked.
by turtle boy34u31 May 15, 2016
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