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1. According to a Hetalia Kink Meme, "Two crisp, crumbly cookies adhered with a sticky, syrup filling. Firm and chewy when cold, but left to cover a hot, steaming cup of coffee, the core went all melty. From toffee to caramel in consistency. The kind that stuck to the roof of your mouth and you had to lick and suck at furiously to get off."

2. We have no idea, but also according to a Hetalia Kink Meme, some sort of service offered by prostitutes that involves 5 pints of some unidentifiable liquid, 14 eggs, a whisk, and a coat hanger.
1. "Mmmm, these stroopwaffles are delicious."

2. "Ow, stroopwaffling sounds painful."
by Rovonos February 01, 2009
A legendary Dutch snack full of sweet, sticky, orgasmic filling between two waffle cookies.

Best enjoyed for breakfast in bed, with coffee, or as a dessert. Sometimes warmed or eaten from the package.

Used often to cleanse the mind and palette.

Commonly enjoyed after or before sexual intercourse.

Pronounced "Strope Vaffle"
"Hey! Want a stroop waffle? Yeah man, thanks"

"Wow that was amazing, want a stroop waffle to make ourselves not feel like shit about having underage sex?"
by Benji831 October 14, 2013
a sex position where both people lie on top of each other like two stroop waffles in a package. no one moves.
we stroop waffle forever last night. while we listened to she won't let me fuck.
by beccalovespancakes August 05, 2007
I pissed my girlfriend off one day and she kicked me right in my stroopwaffles.
by Kulonakabrona April 06, 2016
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