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the chort is the way Coach Z says the cheat...
The kings gone mad with power! He's gonna eat the chort!
by laurstanz August 30, 2003
a lil yellow friend of strong mads and strong bads....he helps them cheat at stuff...he looks like an anvil or maybe a cheese.
Oh, c'mon he's not even that cute. he looks like a cheese, or maybe even an anvil! (Seeing the cheat) which are two of the finest things in life...a cheese...and an anvil...
by laurstanz August 30, 2003
KAR, as in the KAR98k rifle...can be used with or without a scope and is accurate as hell! I own on Medal of Honor with that rifle.
by laurstanz October 30, 2003
the coach of the football-basketball team (according to the pitch they play on)...his accent is getting out of hand and words usually end up with "R"s in them. He once had a rap single in his far off home country called 'These People try to fade me!' though no-one has ever heard the song.
(Being given some Jujy-Fruits) Ooh! Jurjy-Fruits! Oh i mean: Georgey-Frorts! Georgey-Frooooorrrgy! George Forman?
by laurstanz August 30, 2003
Strong Bad, the Cheat and Strong Mad are the head of CGNU...The Crazy Go Nuts University. Their sports team is the golf team who smashes up the opposing team with a golf club (usually the opposing team is electronics). The team mascot is the CGNU Dumples.
Fighting and sometimes striving
Wondering what the Dumple is.
Excellence and what is valor?
And The Cheat will hit things with a golf club. C! G! N!... U! Me?
by laurstanz October 28, 2003
1.Song from the 60s
2.Raised by a cup of coffee
3.Was the pride of the peaches
4.Captain of the gravy train
That pretty much sums up the lil guy who runs around calling people strange names, he also can't really talk properly.
...I'm the captain of the Gravy Train! Brought my favorite flower: bassoooooooon! Sure beats breakin' up with meeeee...
by laurstanz August 08, 2003
blue man who owns a lil store (that sells all types of crazy crap).
...i feel so fine, i feel so amazing, i feel so fine i feel so amazing...
by laurstanz August 08, 2003

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