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Its when a guy is jerking off with one hand (stroke), while simultaneously putting a dildo, finger, or desired object up their own ass (poke).
Guy 1: Man I think I am gonna give my self the good old stroke and poke tonight.
Guy 2: When did you get a dildo?
Guy 3: No, I just use my finger.
#jerking off #stoke n poke #anal #wanking it rough #rugged tug. dildo #finger in the ass.
by gundamshark June 26, 2015
Sex. Basically defines itself. Stroke is hand action. Poke is poking her with your dick.
Gonna have a bit of Stroke and Poke with that girl.
#shag #fuck #sex #poke #handjob #fingering
by bananamilkshakefiend October 30, 2009
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