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At lare means at your house,hangout, yard, crib. In lair Can also refer to your bedroom.
"Where are you fam?"
"At lare, i'll leave in a minute"

"What you on?"
"In lare in bed with this swingers"
by bananamilkshakefiend November 13, 2009
Someone who is crazy, or acting crazily.
"Look how recklessly that man is driving. (he is a) madbrain"
by bananamilkshakefiend October 15, 2009
Cloudybon is a mental state where your rational behaviour and judgement is affected by your horniness. 'i had cloudybon' roughly translated is 'my boner clouded my judgement'. Cloudybon is what makes you fuck a fat ugly girl, or cheat on your wife, in the heat of the moment.
"I'm sorry i cheated on you and fucked your sis but i had cloudybon'.

"I wouldn't normally link that fat bitch but i've got cloudybon so i've just got to stick it in ANYTHING".

"That's a cloudybon girl." (you'd only fuck her when you're really horny already.)
by bananamilkshakefiend October 30, 2009
A white girl with a big black woman booty, prized like a White Tiger for her beauty and rarity.
Check the booty on that White Tiger over there!
by bananamilkshakefiend June 25, 2010
A choong girl you've linked or linking.
"Yeh i'm gonna go link that bufflink i was with last week ya get me?"
by bananamilkshakefiend November 13, 2009
Sex. Basically defines itself. Stroke is hand action. Poke is poking her with your dick.
Gonna have a bit of Stroke and Poke with that girl.
by bananamilkshakefiend October 30, 2009
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