A straight-up douchebag free-loadin' piece of shit who thinks he's a man but gets knocked out in every drunken brawl.
Dude, Aaron Knight is totally strohs, fuck him!
by Leapor October 17, 2007
Top Definition
Alternate word for beer.
"Hey you want to come over and pound some stroh's during the game tonight?"

by Andrew Straum July 10, 2008
noun, a great cheap beer. Stroh's is an old american classic. You won't see corny TV ads for Stroh's. You'll find it in the heart of a liquour store, if you don't then request it. It comes in the unconventional '15' pack of cans.

interjection, can be used as a greeting in place of hello or to show understanding.

adjective, can be used to describe something cool or weird.
Oh, stroh's...
That's stroh's.
Let's get stroh's.
by birdman001 June 30, 2005
Another term for a rim job.
Yo, last night when I was hooking up with that girl I gave her a Stroh.
by Mr.Meaney December 04, 2013
n. Beer found in, among other places i'm sure, tha D that tastes kinda bad yet is cheap and, in some cirlces, hip.
Me: Eh Mitch, did you get a caser?
Mitch: Yeah, I got a thirty of Stroh's
by roller May 06, 2005
Strange+Ho=Stroh She's a whore that you don't know, but base her whoreness on appearance.
"Jizzle, did you see that stroh?!?"

"Say it aint stroh!"
by sheepdog67 June 06, 2005
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