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A person who flirts with other people but is not actually interested in them at all; someone who strings people along.
Person A: What do you think of terrence?

Person B: He's a cool guy, but he is such a stringer. Yesterday he was hitting on me, and today he acted like we were just good friends!
by qwertyuiopasdfghjkl12345678 December 12, 2010
man who has a series of long-term monogamous relationships with girlfriends but never ends up marrying any of them (usually says "no" when a girl asks him or raises the idea if they should get married)
George and Sally said he won't marry her after seeing her for 3 years. He also said no to Jane after dating her for 2 years prior. George is a stringer.
by pidgey November 27, 2004
Strings of precum and saliva that attach to a girl's mouth back to the guy's cock. They are made when the girl pulls back from the guy's dick while giving him a sloppy blow job.
Betty had stringers when she pulled back from Johns cock for a breath of air before she continued deep throating him.
by parttime December 03, 2011
A snitch or informant. A person who gossips about someone or who gives information about them to authorities, often in exchange for something.
"We were followed. A few seconds after we dropped off our local stringer on a street corner, he was grabbed and hustled into a car by three men working for one of the cartels." -- from an NPR Morning Edition story on Michoacan drug violence
by Doctor Fishopoulis September 21, 2006
The third person in a tampon assembly line.
Sally is being promoted from Stringer to Shover-in-the-cardboard-tuber starting next week.
by CCS March 24, 2004
A person who enjoys a fetish in which you tie strings around your toes. The fetishes was made by Alison Haislip and the name was coined by Chris Hardwick on Attack of the Show.
When I was flossing between my toes I got tangled up... and I loved it. I think I'm a stringer.
by Phalange Lover September 21, 2010
When a shit has a stringy look. The "stringers" may also produce shit spray all over the bowl as it goes for a swim.
Jonno:Wow man, James your face looks like a STRINGERS
by Ihatesfuckingmaths March 04, 2006