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A Pabster is a punk ass bastard. It can also be someone who drinks a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon, a low quality, relatively inexpensive brand of beer. If you happen to be a punk ass bastard and drinking a Pabst at then same time then you are a dabster (short for double Pabster) or a "pabster dabster".
Ritchie is a Pabster !!!
by Paulzie February 27, 2009
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A P.A.B is an abbreviation for a PAB which is short for Punk Ass Bastard. After years of use, the acronym PAB evolved into PABSTER.
What an idiot, that guy is such a Pabster !
by Jeni767 July 10, 2008
a multi-usage noun used to define dern near anything. See "pipso"
Grab me a pabster, and sh'mon over to the pipso.
by Ben 13 November 22, 2004

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