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An extremely proud and obsessed fan of the marvolous Meryl Streep.
Girl: Hey, fellow Streepers?
Group of Poeple: Hey! Have you seen any new Meryl movies at Walmart lately?
by anotherstreeper150 January 24, 2009
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Otherwise known as a "Stalking Creeper". Typically seen on popular social networking sites, and defined as one who; even though never contacts you directly, always seems to know what you have going on at that particular time, who you're talking to, where you're going to be hanging out, etc. Then, either "happens" to show up in these particular places at these particular times, or "somehow" starts attempting to pop up on all your friends pages.

stalker creep creeper lurker
Wow...yeah it is...they're bringin' the streeper extra hard today.
by T-Neck January 27, 2011
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