A person, male or female, who exhibits bicurious, but not fully bisexual tendencies; a conjoining of the words 'straight' and 'gay'. (Str)aight + G(ay) = (Str)(ay)
Person #1: Man he was acting really weird around you, do you think he likes you?
Person #2: No, he isn't oriented towards guys, he's just a little stray.
by flutterballs November 20, 2014
Ambiguity over Sexual Preference. Unsure whether straight or gay - "Stray."
At this point in time, having kissed her and finding myself repulsed, I'd have to say I'm Stray.
by Tobias FitzGerald September 09, 2014
The combination of straight and gay. Many, many people in this world today are stray, they may just not know it, or be too afraid to admit it. Though, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Being stray is a beautiful thing.
Guy 1: Bro, i can't tell if i like dudes or not. Like i find you really hot, but i also think your girlfriends really hot.

Guy 2: Its all good man, your stray, just like the rest of us.

Girl 1: Mmmmm baby you taste so good keep it cumming *orgasm*

Girl 2: We have to do this again, mm, I love sharing my nutella with you. And the best part is that we're stray.
by shawtywitdacake August 10, 2012
The creative result you get when combining straight and gayl bisexual.
Guy 1: Dude are you straight, gay, or bi? I'm just curious.
Guy 2: I'm a stray.
Guy 1: WTF are you talking about?
Guy 2: I'm straight and gay; I'm bi but I consider myself a stray, the more awesome word of the three.
by don29002 October 10, 2011
"Stray" the combination of the words straight and gay. Used to describe a male with metrosexual tendencies whose sexuality may be questioned due to his fashion sense.
Beth: Check out that guy over there rocking the Roberto Cavalli pants. I'd approach him but my luck he likes guys.

Tammy: Go for it, he's not gay, he's stray!
by Bluzetvlr August 04, 2009
noun: a guy who self-identifies as "straight" but has sex with other guys, usually other "strays"

origin: straight + gay

other possible origin: a guy who strays from the straight herd
Jack has sex with other guys, but only with other closeted strays. He's not into gay guys at all.
by unpoetaloco January 21, 2012
The new term for Metrosexual, though this heterosexual is usually more gay friendly, or even a little gay-curious.
When used as a verb, it describes when someone is behaving like a stereotypical gay person, like commenting about shoes or primping in front of a mirror.
noun: "No, your gaydar isn't off--he's just a total Stray."
verb: "The cutest pair of shoes are there right next to that guy totally straying over the Gucci."
by Inkalex April 26, 2008

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