The new term for Metrosexual, though this heterosexual is usually more gay friendly, or even a little gay-curious.
When used as a verb, it describes when someone is behaving like a stereotypical gay person, like commenting about shoes or primping in front of a mirror.
noun: "No, your gaydar isn't off--he's just a total Stray."
verb: "The cutest pair of shoes are there right next to that guy totally straying over the Gucci."
by Inkalex April 26, 2008
1. Adjective describing a behavior or individual of an unusual or uncomfortable nature.

Syn. weird; sketchy; awkward
If a video's name is two girls one anything, it is most likely disturbing and very stray.

Tom just doesn't know how to interact with other people. He is the strayest guy I have ever met.
by David Benton Walker January 06, 2008
a bunch of fags that make a band and are pretty good at guitar but have the worst voacals in the history of music
Are you going to the Strays concert? hell no i wouldnt be seen there for the love of my life. those guys are all fluffers
by Shannon August December 12, 2007
A man (or woman) whose sexual preference is difficult to perceive just by looking at them or their circumstances. He/she might be straight, might be gay. Not a metrosexual because he could be gay, you don't know. Most likely this person is bisexual.
A: I knew that hot guy was straight! Just look at him chatting up that girl over there!

B: No, he's still a stray, we're in West Hollywood (boy's town), he's probably asking her what she thinks of Orlando Bloom's ass!
by Astrid September 22, 2005
is another word for cigarette meaning stray from the pack
Hey man can i get a stray.
by jay diz August 08, 2005
Men who claim to be heterosexual; till nobody is looking...
and then; They LOVE the cock!
I think my boyfriend is a stray, why does he have a Manhunt account?
by AtlFLiP October 04, 2008
male that does not do anything with his life
just hangs around doing nothing usually seen with fleas or other strays
-What is your GPA?
-Why is it so low?
*i like to skip class
-wow You are such a stray
by anonymous2391 April 11, 2008

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