Men who claim to be heterosexual; till nobody is looking...
and then; They LOVE the cock!
I think my boyfriend is a stray, why does he have a Manhunt account?
by AtlFLiP October 04, 2008
male that does not do anything with his life
just hangs around doing nothing usually seen with fleas or other strays
-What is your GPA?
-Why is it so low?
*i like to skip class
-wow You are such a stray
by anonymous2391 April 11, 2008
1.) an otherwise outwardly gay man with heterosexual appitites. popular with artistic females. See SNAG.
"So you met that girl at a candle shop and then you took her home and boned her? You are such a stray!"
by Sudoplatov July 17, 2003
A straight-acting heterosexual man or a gay-acting heterosexual man. Not to be confused with bisexuality or metrosexual behaviour.
Janet was annoyed that her boyfriend Steve had been acting stray all night by dancing with Tom.
by PurplePrincess December 13, 2004
Incompetent, lowlife fucktard who has some very unfunny things to say.
by anon September 23, 2003
A person who has recently left someone or has been recently left by someone and is waiting to get asked out, rather than going to find a partner on their own.
Guy #1: Hey, are you still with whats her name?
Guy #2: Nah man she broke up with me, so right now, I'm just a stray.
Guy #1: oh same
by cisomething March 20, 2016
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