A fat girl with red hair. who thinks she has friends... but doesn't. She is a ginger with an ugly cat and a cute blue and white dog. She lives in a strawberry with an apple tree behind it. She is not smart and dropped out of school. She is a bad example for little kids and should never be let out of the house. Or she is a misunderstood girl looking to fit in. She thinks she has class, but actually her "friends" have the class. She is a reject.
by Angel Cake June 12, 2010
A very amazingly nasty sex manuever. When a girl is having her period you cum on their pussy and eat them out.
I ate the shit out of that strawberry shortcake last night!
by Jason the j bird August 20, 2006
-a dangerous man with red hair and dressed in a ronald mcdonald dress who attacks people with his sweetness through his smile and with the help of a real strawberry shortcake and a Starbucks coffee.also known as Gerard Way

-a nickname developed for Gerard Way since he dyed his hair red
I love Strawberry Shortcake
I'd rather get attacked by Strawberry Shortcake than Leathermouth Frank!
Strawberry Shortcake was created after his brother Mikey Way has been out for 2 minutes.
by xxstrawberrysundaexx September 14, 2008
As you cum on your girlfriends face you punch her right in the nose, causing a nose bleed which then combines with your cum.
Damn yo, My girlfriend was hungry so I gave her a strawberry shortcake.
by David August 22, 2005
a strawberry short cake is when a girl is on her period and your having sex with her and you adding strawberry short cake mix into her pussy and then you eat it out
damm i love her strawberry short cake
by SAID CASTELLANOS August 27, 2009
little bitch who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut
that girl is such a strawberry short cake I HATE her
by Sweet_lips April 03, 2015
A phrase used by girls that means there (friend) aka. period
OMG!!!!! I just got my strawberry shortcake!!!
by Jovanni Le' Butbottom March 29, 2015

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