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Some one who thinks that they are so cool that they don't need drink, drugs or casual sex. they feel that they are above it.
why are you all drinking, im too cool for that. I'm so un-cool that im cool!
by anti-anti-emo May 23, 2005
a common ploy used by teens in order to seem innocent, but in reality it is very much a paradox.
"Yo, I'm straight edge," John says as he is consuming his third bottle of gin that night.
by Kzilla May 08, 2005
Nerdy white bread assholes who want to belong to a group very much like scenesters.

What's with the bandana around the mouth anyway? that's for taggers, people who actually live life, oh yeah that's a great way of getting shot up by latino's and blacks btw.
I can understand not doing drugs, or maybe trying it once (the non-addictive ones) to see what it's like. I can even understand not having sex because there are disease's spreading like crazy... but not drinking is just lame imo, everyone needs to kick back sometime and just relax with a little booze, it wont kill ya so quit being so square
by mmmmcorona May 04, 2005
Punk rocking kids who realized they were being posers, so they formed their own clique of punks that don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Hobbies include hanging out with real punks and leaving when the punks take part in illegal activies, along with calling themselves straight edge repeatedly to assert their sense of a higher morality.
"Hey do you want to smoke some weed"?

"No thanks, I'm straight edge."
by Sworde July 06, 2004
A bunch of fags that swear off drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. Useally in the hardcore scene. More often than not they are 9-5 edge, breaking there pledge under the table. Straight Edge people have been known to become violent against people for not being edge or being "racist". Going so far to kill a guy wearing a Lynard Skynard shirt. Also will beat your ass in the pit, if your hands are not marked with the straight edge X's.
Did you see those straight edge fags smoking pot. Their full of shit.
by DLK August 30, 2007
Groups of wannabe moshers livin their life in a way that would make anybodies mummy damn proud! you go girls!
"Damn that mosh pit was amazing earlier, really slammin"

"I wouldnt know, im straight edge and the nasty metal heads wouldnt give me space to swing my arms about on my own"
by GSXrocker February 28, 2005
Basically, a conservative Christian teen who listens to Hardcore music.
Some straight edge kids smacked me around for having a cigarette.
by Max December 01, 2004