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A Chavette is a female chav the british version of prep.
Chavettes are them girls you see wearing them jeans with them playboy logos on it, some wear trackys others wear as little clothing as possible, Some even go & get a fake tan when infact it makes them look even worse & they all use alot of make up but i mean alot a hole f*cking mask full so they can hide there spots/zits & they just think it looks good & many of them wear such makes of shoes such as NIKE they think its so good just cause its made by child labor (mi shoes r hand made bi sum poor lil slave kid day is worth alot moree dan urs init)...
You'll find that many of these slappers use such sites like bebo to show off there half naked photos therefore other guys can comment there photos saying how sexy they think they are,
Chavettes love the attention.
They come in age from 11 to upwords the very young ones are more likely to lie about bein 16 or 18 & there more likely to have a slag for a mother who sucks c*ck for council & the hole family itself happens to be a dirty interbreed one.
A Chavettes idol are such people like paris hilton & Kate Price (jordan) & so on..
Most Chavettes get pregnant at very young ages such as 12 & onwords but i think you all get it already a Chavette is very stupid just like there fellow chavs then again some of them didnt mean to get pregnant cause it just happend from that one night stand so in that case its too late!.
Other ways Chavettes get pregnant is that they get spiked at raves there for they get raped & dumped lying in the streets some where like the dirty whores they are.
A Chavette has no idea how to bring up a kid they let there baby hear such nasty swear words so young..
They listen to such music as r&b, techno, dance, well did i say music? my mistake i mean noise! cause thats all it is.
Just like there fellow chavs they lable anyone whos wearing black a goth but like i sed befor Chavettes are stupid.
They drink alot of alcohol mostly (cider) swear alot attention seek alot brag alot & & smoke alot.

(Chavette) hi y u is dress lik tht? u look lik a freak
(goth girl) Learn to speek some proper fucking english
(Chavette) Fuk u!!!
Just as Chavette was about to jump goth girl with her crew goth girls gang popped out of no where! in 100s!
(Goth girl) your dead meat little chav Mwhahahahaaha!!
(Chavette) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by maria_la_Punk May 30, 2008
straight edge is a lifestyle its all about keeping your head
straight & to not poison your body with alcohol, drugs, smoking & one night stands & just have fun with out that. straight edge began in the hardcore punk scene in the 1980s "Minor Threat" the very band who made the movement made a song called "Straight Edge" witch changed the lifes of alot of the punks who started to follow this lifestyle many of them decided to quit alcohol & drugs.
The band members who was Straight Edge at the time are no longer Straight Edge & that band was not a long lived band as for the members moved on to other bands.
The "X" symbol plays a big roll in the straight edge movement the very people who are in this movement mark an "X" on there hands to show that they are straight edge & proud of it!.
This straight edge movement did die out abit but later it came back late 80s/90s & such bands like "earth crisis" added veganism to it as well even no it was fine how it was befor..
The song straight edge by Minor Threat where is the part where they say dont eat meat???? WTF?..
Alot of the kids in the late 80s early 90s straight edge movement get in to a pack to jump a drunk on the streets & drug dealers keeping the streets safe so these straight edgers didnt think any better by attacking people by out numbering them but it has to be done one way or another they dressed less punk by chucking away there studded leather jackets & more well how could i put it hmm more gangsta like bandanas, Nike shoes, baggy pants, base ball caps some times the wrong way round, & a jock jacket with straight edge written at the back, & hoodies, it was more of a Youth Crew thing now but still straight edge was strong.
straight edge Hardcore music of the late 80s to early 90s had a less punk sound to more of a metal like sound.
The straight edge scene of the 2000s is still going strong but many people do not notice cause the posers have taken over it just looks like one big joke now these emo scene kids or whatever the f*ck you want to call them just ruin it these kids of today mark an "X" on there hand just to be trendy & they pose like a whore on myspace.com to grab attention its only a trendy thing to them yet they have sex with anyone like a whore does & that breaks the straight edge rules these emo scene kids who goes around saying there straight edge there called fake-edgers & if you see one just kick the living daylights out of them cause straight edge is a lifestyle not a trendy MTV thing.
straight edge is a lifeStyle.
I dont need alcohol & i dont need your f*ckin drugs & i dont f*ck everyone like a god damn whore you no its up to you if you wonna waste your life away but you'll see who lives longer :)
Im off now i have better things to do you can carry on fucking your head up.
by maria_la_Punk May 30, 2008

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