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Straight hair is boring most people have straight hair, its pretty much non descript. Its just straight, whereas curly is crazy and corkscrewy and bounes all over the place.
Allthough neither is better curly is more attractive
I hate having straight hair I wish it was curly like Leona Lewis'
by ilikefrenchies May 24, 2011
Hair that is straight and not curly at all. It can be shoulder length or all the way down to your butt. Guys actually like it when a girl straightens her hair so he can runs his fingers through right before Netflix and chill or cuddling.
Guys love straight hair.

Guy 1: Kirsten straightened her hair today. She looks so sexy!
Guy 2: I know her bf is so lucky. He gets the sexiest girl in school.
by wafflezer July 19, 2016
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