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In Mandarin Chinese, the number 8 is prounounced "ba" and the number 1 is pronounced "yi". Put them together and you get "ba-ba-yi" which when spoken fast sounds a bit like "ba-bye" which sounds like the english "bye-bye". Possibily originated from Taiwan, Singapore, or China.

I wonder where these other entries came up with their crap. You all just got schooled.
Waa, so seempole. 881~
by fu July 30, 2004
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Esoteric internet text equivalent for "BB!" ("byebye!)
Luvya trish, 881, doll!
by kinsmed July 02, 2004
bye-bye! == bb! == BB! =~ 881
881 sista, l8r
by Xaocuc February 24, 2004

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