a word used to describe when you have an orgasm and it leaves the whole room covered in white blotches of liquid rolling down the walls.
greg: hey trixie i have something to tell you, i lo......(SPLAT)
trixie: oh shit greg this place got stormed
by prejudice white boy January 05, 2005
Top Definition
the kind of girl who still manages to find a way to smile.
She'll make everyone around her feel good & help them in any way possible that she can. No matter how much pain she is in; she'll help you & she'll make you have the biggest smile on your face. Shes always happy & wants to make you happy too.
Storm is a strong human being .
Storm was my ex girlfriend,
& in the Marvel comic books.
by superman10 August 20, 2009
An intimidating girl, who really isn't all that scary when you get to know her.
Who's that girl?

Her? Oh, that's just Storm. She's actually pretty nice.
by xtransylvanianx August 27, 2009
A rare male with extraordinary powers over life, in general, but with special expertise in corralling females. Many believed the Storm species was extinct until a recent spotting in central Ohio.
Storm comes out on top again. Man, what I would give to be Storm for one night
by Champ1999 August 27, 2009
(Male or Female:) The kind of person who still manages to find a way to smile.

They'll make everyone around feel good & help them in any way possible that they can. No matter how much pain they're in; they'll help you & will make you have the biggest smile on your face. They're always happy & wants to make you happy too.

Storm is a strong human being.
It's always good to talk to Storm.
by AsianEr November 14, 2011
An amazing girl. Smiles all the time whether she is happy or not. Laughs alot. Usually very pretty. Is worth waiting for, fighting for, and most of the time some men dont deserve her. She is very friendly but can be quiet and shy around peole she doesnt know. A very trusworthy person. Keeps her promises and doesnt reveal your secrets. An awesome friend. Loves to party and have fun. Prefers being called beautiful rather than hot or sexy. Loves to cuddle. Would rather you tell her the truth than to lie or keep things from her. Prefers to hear the truth no matter how much it hurts. No matter how hurts she is she always manages to force out a smile. Has a great personality. Very smart but can act like a total air head sometimes. The cutest person ever. She is a wonderful person. ♥
" Storm, is mad pretty"
"The smart one...you mean storm"
by Rich.dollaz January 04, 2015
A hardcore punk, strong and ferocious this girl won't let anything through her stubborn and persistent attitude, despite being one smokin' hot babe she assures that she does everything for herself. Aside from all this she is quite the intellect, likes gaming and reading, sports a great sense of humour and can be very gentle and loving.

Storm is the name of a magnificent person.
"oh, look its storm"
by Smoshing4evaa February 15, 2012
A mutant with the ability to control weather.
The character was introduced as part of the "new" X-Men in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975), in a story written by Len Wein and illustrated by Dave Cockrum. Since her introduction, Storm has remained one of the mainstays of the various X-Men comic book series and has been depicted in movies and animated television shows.

Storm has always been depicted as a very spiritual person, and has always been depicted as a character who worships a deity she refers to as "Goddess." This is most frequently evident through her exclamations of "Goddess!" when she is startled.

She gets hurt all the time when she fights, too slow I guess.
-How many do you have?(tatoos)
- One for every sin, and some others.

(Storm) and (Night Crawler)

(she doesent say many funny things)

by Wizabi August 05, 2006
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