FKN maddest female rapper ever.
She was the only female member of Outlawz, YES that is Makaveli's band. YES Makaveli is Tupac Shakur.
Hear her in the song Run Tha Streets and some others such as OG Hit Em UP.
But u wont have that cos only i have the OG's!!!!! ahahahahahaha
Storm i a hot slut sick mohamed bitch nigga
by Makaveli Killuminati tha DON March 20, 2004
One of UK's most talented quake and overall top gamers, everyone loves him!
storm = own = u
by Steven Timms May 17, 2003
A kick ass counter-strike player. Also named stormeh.
Stormeh owns you.
by 3D|Ksharp April 08, 2003
A word used as a commonplace alias by people attempting to make themselves cooler without having to put forth the effort of being original and/or unique. Some other words used in a similar fashion would be Blade, Doom, and any word that can be put infront of Dark.
Storm is a crappy name.
by HoorahBish June 09, 2004
very gosu w3 player
aDk-StorM owns you
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
idiot that goes to renaissance school yet has learned absolutely nothing. it is impossible to describe she is so fucking stupid
i was talking to storm today, she is so fucking stupic
by Thomas January 31, 2004
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