a name given to a guy who is sweet, easy to talk to, and in love with a blonde.
Wow! Storm is so nice. The two of them make a great couple.
by AMRDancer423 May 03, 2009
hot girl with a fine ass that is so nosey and sometimes a bitch
who do you think??? its storm
by Jake_J April 07, 2008
A beautiful girl who is smart and is very nice. But don't let her kindness get to you she can be the meanest person in the world if you come of on the wrong foot. Storm is a great friend to hang around. She will always have a smile on her face and doesn't like to see people down. she really funny but shy around people who she doesn't know but once you get to know her you will love her. She laughs non stop. Storm is a very beautiful girl her eyes will make you drool over her, she has a nice body a cute style. She's also a tomboy but she more girly than she is boy
Storm is beautiful
by Storm1124 March 06, 2015
A girl that is usually reserved but after an alcoholic drink comes out of her shell
'She's doing a storm'
by storm89 March 04, 2012
A total jerk and usually a woman abuser.. always thinks he's too good for everyone and thinks he's so attractive and he's not, usually nobody likes him nor wants to be around him because of the way he is.. a total douche bag whether he wants to admit it or not..
Storm is an ugly douchebag
by hsvsbnsjd May 10, 2014
the worst basketball player you will ever find in frazee, mn
Gosh, did you see storm last night.. He sucked ass.
by mitchLPA December 06, 2012
One of the hottest fucking punk guys ever. Soft touch. Warm hugs. Sweet and caring
Plays guitar.
Quit smoking.
One of the most interesting and smart guys you'll ever meet in High school.
Girl1: Did you see Storm over there?

Girl2: Whos Storm?


Girl1: Hes the fuckin hawt dude with blond hair playin Slipknot on his new 12 String.
by Genetically_Zi January 08, 2009

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