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A STORE WHORE is the girl who, wherever she works, has sex or fools around with fellow employees... mainly managers
Calista has been working at the grocery store for only 3 months, but she's already the store whore after sleeping with 2 cashiers, a bag boy, and the assistant manager.

Trixie is known as the store whore, because she's had sex with every new manager trainee that has come along in the last 6 months.
by PALABRAMAN July 15, 2009
a girl that frequently visits your place of business and does not buy a damn thing and love's to bitch about something you don't care about.
Store whore is walking this way. You gotta talk to her this time, I can't stand listening to her complain about her lack of dickincider.
by bedubyah August 22, 2007
A store whore is Someone who spends hours in stores practically torturing themselves staring at things they will never be Able to buy because they are so expensive!
Ray spent 3 hours in an apple retail store staring at a 20# Imac...
"What a store whore"
by le penis head November 19, 2009
Somone who hangs out in front of a store such as seven eleven, until they are asked to leave, and then move to another store, and so on.
Dude, check out that guy, hes such a store whore.
by galthor May 16, 2009
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