1. The occurence when no other vehicles are around to see you run or roll through the stop sign.
2. Condition of a stop sign or light when one does not care what the other asshole motorists think when he or she has failed to stop.
passenger: You totally blew through that intersection without stopping. Aren't you worried you'll get caught?

driver: The sign was stoptional.
by Guinness Book of World Records April 21, 2009
Top Definition
When the braking of a car is left to one's choice due to an unnecessary stop sign.
Passenger: Did you just blow through that stop sign?

Driver: Oh, no worries. It was stoptional.
by Eberle, Nathaniel May 17, 2007
While driving. Not completely stoping at a stop sign, but rather slowing down and coasting through. Same as a california stop.

Best if driver yells "Stoptional!" while commiting.
Young Eddie amused his friends by shouting "Stoptional" and coasting through a stop sign. Into a tree.
by ab_ofdefinitions September 13, 2005
1.Either blowing through a stop sign while driving a motor vehicle, or failing to come to a complete stop; rolling stop

2. A stop sign in the middle of nowhere with no law enforcement or other drivers in the vicinity.
The cop, sitting behind the bend, gave the woman a ticket for her stoptional at the intersection.

Driving 95mph on the emptpy country road, Micheal observed the stoptional and blew through the intersection.
by Slapshotjpm April 13, 2009
A STOP sign that, as a result of the time of day, location, or driver's being in an extreme rush, is not considered by the driver to be mandatory.
Mike knew this STOP sign was Stoptional based on how badly he needed to get home and use the bathroom.
by Bucky Gangsta September 21, 2013

a. Upon arriving at a stop sign, it is an optional decision to come to a complete stop or not.

b. Decision to stop or not

c. Rolling stop
"That last stopsign was a stoptional"
by stephieeeeeeeeee April 12, 2009
Any stop sign with a white rim around it. Can be avoided if the driver so chooses to do so.
Cody: Hey jon, why is you stopping at that there red thing.
Jonny B: Cause cody, its a stop sign
Cody: No it ain't, it gots that white thingy around it
Jonny B: Good Call, Rules are for squares
Logan : Logan FTW Stoptional FTL
by Logan Harris October 23, 2008
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