a. Upon arriving at a stop sign, it is an optional decision to come to a complete stop or not.

b. Decision to stop or not

c. Rolling stop
"That last stopsign was a stoptional"
by stephieeeeeeeeee April 12, 2009
v. To fail to make a complete stop at a red light or stop sign, especially when turning.

Incorrectly recorded as a California Roll or California Stop.
To save gas and time I do not come to a complete stop at intersections, I treat them as stoptional and roll through at a low speed.
by The Urna Lenny April 07, 2009
1. Not completely stopping at a stop sign, but going through it. The majority of drivers do this.

2. In those rare instances when for some reason a stop light won't turn green, or turns red for no real reason. Usually when the light is old and doesn't have a sensor to tell it where traffic is coming from, but there can be other factors.
1. This sign isn't stoptional. There's a cop right over there.

2. Dude, there's a bus parked on the sensor over there. The light is never going to turn, just go through it. It's stoptional.
by Rook218 May 28, 2007
A combination of the words stop and optional. Usage refers to a stop sign that is optional.
Nobody ever stops at that stop sign. I guess it's stoptional.
by Dan Wier October 04, 2007
A stop sign that is seldom used and poorly enforced.
I never stop here, it is stoptional.
by Jeffrey Poolman July 24, 2008

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