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Another name for the plant commonly known as marijuana.
Break out the stoon we are gonna get stooshed!!!
by Star Vs. Satellite January 03, 2005
A slang name for Saskatoon (the biggest city in Saskatchewan).
Yeah boyee that's how we do it in the Stoon!
by W_L September 26, 2009
To be stooned is in reference to be driven by a person in your own car.

To stoon is in reference to driving someone around in that person's car.
I can't believe you got stooned when Hestoon took you and your mom to the movies in your car.
by g-hamp July 13, 2010
To stain one's pants or underwear, either from prairie doggin' or from a fart that turns into a shit.
Linda tried to fart but stooned her pants instead. I told her, NO STOONIN' ON THE BAYOU!
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
A girl with a birth defect of the female anatomy, which causes the vaginal lips to expand up to five times of there original mass.
Golly! her vagina lips are that of a stoon.
by fearthefearless June 14, 2011