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A slang name for Saskatoon (the biggest city in Saskatchewan).
Yeah boyee that's how we do it in the Stoon!
by W_L September 26, 2009
To be stooned is in reference to be driven by a person in your own car.

To stoon is in reference to driving someone around in that person's car.
I can't believe you got stooned when Hestoon took you and your mom to the movies in your car.
by g-hamp July 13, 2010
To stain one's pants or underwear, either from prairie doggin' or from a fart that turns into a shit.
Linda tried to fart but stooned her pants instead. I told her, NO STOONIN' ON THE BAYOU!
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
1. n. A stolen pirate ship
2. verb. To be marooned on a beach, desert island, etc. by means of your pirate ship being stolen
"Argh, matey, you be stooned on this godforsaken island!"

"Though it's not originally his, thargh ship be the most vicious stooner on ye seven seas!"

"Ye stoon me, and me booty!"
by pirates lyfe July 25, 2016
A girl with a birth defect of the female anatomy, which causes the vaginal lips to expand up to five times of there original mass.
Golly! her vagina lips are that of a stoon.
by fearthefearless June 14, 2011
Another name for the plant commonly known as marijuana.
Break out the stoon we are gonna get stooshed!!!
by Star Vs. Satellite January 03, 2005
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