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The act of thinking while taking a dump.
I have some of my best ideas while stooling..
by StudyBuddies November 22, 2011
Just like a security guard sitting on a stool, the act of waiting around in case shit goes down.
"Slow down, there's a cop stooling up ahead."
by D-Funk 777 January 03, 2012
The act of pretending to sit on a stool without anything to support you.

A true stooling lies somewhere between a squat, and standing fully erect with your hands flat on top of your thighs. Trying to get as close to 90 degree angles as possible.

Sometimes done against a wall, or in front of a monument out of respect.
I was stooling last night out the front of Rob's house, here's the picture

Check out my awesome stool!

Do you want to go stooling together?
by TheDirtyDoctor May 19, 2011
A sexual practice whereby the male in a heterosexual relationship freezes his faeces and the woman (when the faeces is frozen) uses the said tool as a dildo to pleasure herself.
The male members of Liberty-x were suprised to find the females all stooling following a concert
by Al and Si March 07, 2003
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